About us

Backed by 17 years of experience, Nomad Project Solutions has the requisite tools to provide a holistic solution approach to your business.


Nomad Project Solutions was created to cater for a specific niche within the SAP and Finance Transformation market. We believe that the unique skills our consultants have at their disposal can answer or even exceed expectations for this unique sector.

Thanks to the global and profound experience garnered from working in different sites around the world, we have the right cross-cultural tools to understand and adapt our services to resolve your specific issues.

As a consultancy business we truly value our customers and this is what motivates us into delivering a high level of service. This dedication is clearly reflected by the constant positive feedback we get from our clients.

Our consultants have worked in both private and public sectors such as Central Government, Higher Education, Not for Profit. They also hold the relevant qualifications and experience for their area of expertise. Therefore we believe we have the competitive advantage when it comes to understanding and providing for your organisation.

Whether it be providing SAP services or implementing business process improvement we know that the end result will be a successful one. So why not contact us, for a free of charge, no obligation quotation.

Nomad Project Solutions’ Global Footprint: Places where our consultants have been

USA, Mexico, UK, France, Ireland, Spain, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Gambia, Somaliland, Senegal, Mauritania, Djibouti, Philippines, Turkey, Iraq, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Tajikistan and the UAE.

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About us