Nomad Project Solutions aims to launch multiple projects in Somaliland as well as offering its services and expertise there.

By developing projects it hopes to achieve its Triple Bottom Line goals. In effect this aims to create, employment, participate to Somaliland’s economic growth whilst up scaling existing skills and knowledge.

Current projects running are:

Somali For Kids

An app to learn Somali- Somali For Kids aims to provide the best tools for your children to learn Somali.

 YusFull Logo

Yus-Full Trading:

Yus-Full  is part of Nomad Project Solutions which is registered in Somaliland and is the vehicle we use for all our trading activities. Our mission is to provide a transparent, ethical and expert import/export service to the Horn of Africa and to the rest of the world


baaburqado sq


Baaburqado is a website designed for car enthusiasts located in East Africa.

It is Somaliland’s largest digital automotive marketplace. Baaburqado’s primary activity is to help vehicle retailers compete effectively on the marketplace in order to sell more vehicles, faster.



Projects in development are:

Nomad Eco-House 100

Nomad Eco-House:

Nomad Eco-House is a project initiated by Nomad Project Solutions which aims to develop a eco-housing concept which can be developed in Africa whilst using natural material and aiming for luxury features.


If you would like to start a project with us in Somaliland or if you would like some support doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us.