Procrastination is Opportunity’s Natural Assassin

Procrastination is Opportunity’s Natural Assassin

In my research for ERP change projects I came across this interesting quote attributed to Victor K. Kiam, a well-known entrepreneur which I have used as a title for this blog.

It led me to reflect on how relevant this phrase was, especially in the world of ERP change management as some organisations tend to delay upgrading or improving their existing finance systems.The reasons for this procrastination are numerous and some range from costs, resource constraints or just old-fashioned thinking.

However once an organisation has decided to change their finance system they should fully embrace this challenge as an opportunity make a complete transformation. Most ERP systems such as SAP already comes pre-configured with the industry’s best practice, thus the business would simply re-adapt their operations to reflect this world-class process.

However this adaptation will come at a dear price and this is not financially through the purchase of the system as they would be using the standard or vanilla version. The financial costs are usually driven by two major factors which can be summarised as follows:

time management, ERP,

time management

1- Time Management: This depends on how well the organisation have planned their ERP implementation and for some if this is not managed properly can easily lead to another ERP failure story.

2- Change Management: If all the stakeholders are not fully involved in this system change then no matter how well a system is configured then it will simple be a case of Rubbish In and Rubbish Out.

As a result of the two above factors, ERP projects usually end up not fulfilling all the objectives it was supposed to deliver and thus leading to a lower Return on Investment (ROI).

ERP Implementation using the NPS Way

Here at Nomad we believe we have the solution to this conundrum due to our wealth of experience in dealing with such complex scenarios.

Time Management: As part of our project planning, we clearly highlight all the phases of the project with the relevant deadline dates using the PRINCE2 methodology.

Change Management: For this problem we ensure we get the authority and full involvement from the senior management team to carry out and interact with all stakeholders in the project.